The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No. 12 (Mar. 2005)



Newspaper Serial Novel Illustration as a Data Source of the Costume Image Database in the middle of Meiji era
TAKAHASHI Haruko - No.12, p.3-15. 2005.

RESUME: Now, the Costume Image database in modern Japan is under construction by using a still picture as a data source. This paper aims at the data evaluation of the newspaper serial novel illustration of Meiji Era which is one of the data sources. The target age is from the second half of the 1880s to the end of the 1890s. The advantages and important points which use a serial story with the style "Etoki-explanation by illustration" of Kusazoshi of the Edo era are described.


Application of the Conceptual Reference Model to Different Standards
FURUKAWA Sakiko, MATSUMURA Atsushi and UDA Norihiko - No.12, p.16-26. 2005.

RESUME: This paper discuses usefulness of the Conceptual Reference Model (CRM)  by applying to different standards which include Dublin Core, ISBD, ISAD, and IGMOI. Moreover, the paper describes a design tool for metadata crosswalk. CRM has ability to cover meaning of elements in various fields, but it has difficulty to make valid crosswalk because of complex specification. The design tool allows users to make mapping between CRM and different standards on graphical user interface, and to clear relationship among elements of different standards. This research showed one approach to solve interoperability of metadata.


Cross Retrieval OPAC of Art Libraries in Japan by ALC (Art Libraries' Consortium) : Its Stating over and Future Tasks  
MIZUTANI Takeshi - No.12, p.27-34. 2005.

RESUME: Art libraries of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and Yokohama Museum of Art started the cross retrieval OPAC in the web  ( on March 1st, 2004. These three museums' art libraries formed Art Libraries' Consortium: ALC that is hoping to promote cooperation between art libraries in Japan. Beginning of 2007, members of ALC will include art libraries  of The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo and The National Art Center, Tokyo, which will be opened in that time. Author described the necessities of cooperation between Japanese art libraries/librarians and pointed out that sharing bibliographic information on art resources, especially exhibition catalogs, is essential and necessary condition, and also ALC would be the basic functions for the sharing art information.


Construction of Art Information System for The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama: A Report
MOMIYAMA Masao - No.12, p.35-40. 2005.

RESUME: The Art Information System for The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama was constructed as a part of the building project of The Museum of Modern Art, Hayama (the third building of the museum) in 2003. For the collection-management system, a museum-database software of Fujitsu Ltd., Musetheque was adopted and customized. During the development of the system, the museum increased the record items, prepared digital images of its collections, and revised the systems of their clasification and accession number. However, it has turned out that to secure those who can bridge the museum and the system manufacturer and run the system practically is essential


The Art Libraries Society of North America/New York; A Big City Success Story

Sharon Chikanzeff - No.12, p.41-46. 2005.
* Japanese translation also printed in p. 47-50. 
 Trans. by KAWAGUCHI Masako

RESUME: This article discusses the history and mission of ARLIS New York, the metropolitan chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America. As the Society's first established regional chapter. ARLIS New York has come to serve as model for the documentation and dissemination of information on the arts, and for professional education and mentoring.


A Sketchy History of Okisada ASAOKA: Compiler of  "Kogabikou", 1800-1856

EKOUIN Haku - No.12, p.51-69. 2005.

RESUME: This essay is a short biography and a rough draft of Okisada ASAOKA (Obsolete name: Nobuyoshi KANOU, 1800-1856) . His name is not included in any encyclopedias of art as a heading, except that only a short reference by an compiler under the heading of "[Zotei] Kogabikou : Remarks to the Old Painters, [Additional edition]"  is found in some materials. His detailed profile is never known under the present situation.
Regretting the fact, I have been working on the research of this unknown Compiler. The essay below is not based on all of the original texts and materials  (archives), and I expect that his profile would be further studied and the original texts and materials would be fully explored.


List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2004
Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (TAKAHASHI Haruko, HIRAI Noriko and OHE Chojiro) - No.12, p.70-79. 2005.