The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No. 16 (Mar. 2009)



A Digital Archiving for Japanese Woodcut Prints at V&A and NMS
AKAMA Ryo - No.16, p.3-10. 2009.

RESUME: We are running an archiving project of digitizing Ukiyo-e in the world. The first target is the one of the largest collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum and National Museum of Scotland. V&A has about 38,000 prints and NMS about 4,700 prints. Originally the two collections were in the possession for the Royal Family, who donated the larger part to the V&A and the minor part to Scotland. By use of digital archiving technology, the two collections have be unified for the first time in 120 years. In this paper, I will introduce some characteristics of this massive collection.


 Development of Collection Management System at Tokyo National Museum
MURATA Ryoji - No.16, p.11-20. 2009.

RESUME: Tokyo National Museum has been developing a Collection Management System. This system has been utilized in actual tasks in the museum and still has been developed for additional functionalities and refinement. This paper provides basic concepts of this system, practices of development process and attempts to achieve intuitive interface designs.


MLIS Program for Art Librarianship in the U.S.: A Report on the School of Information and Library Science, Pratt Institute
IWASE Kanako - No.16, p.21-27. 2009.

RESUME: This report examines the curriculum, professors, and the courses at the School of Information and Library Science  (SILS), Pratt Institute in New York City, the context of art librarianship education in the United States. The author discusses professionalization of art librarians and archivists from her experience in completing the Master of Library and Information Science  (MLIS) program, as well as two recently created certificates at Pratt-SILS: the Museum Libraries Certificate and the Archives Certificate.


A Report on Nihon University's Center for Information Networking Digital Museum Project: The Photographing Methods of Rare Books and Future Issues of Digital Image Archiving
NAKAGAWA Hiromi - No.16, p.28-41. 2009.

RESUME: This paper summarizes the author's presentation at the 19th Annual Conference of the Japan Art Documentation Society  (Kyoto, June 2008) , regarding the development of photographing methods of rare books and future issues of digital image archiving in Nihon University's Center for Information Networking Digital Museum Project. This paper delves into the evolution of the photographing methods used to archive old Japanese "Kusa-zoshi" books and western books of rarity as digital data, while emphasizing the importance of the image index for the Digital Image Archive.     


List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2008
Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (HIRAI Noriko, KAZU Chikako, YAMAZAKI Miwa, TAKAHASHI Haruko, OHE Chojiro) - No.16, p.42-49. 2009.