The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No. 18 (Mar. 2011)



On the Structure and Effects of Hiler’s “Bibliography of Costume”:
 A Comparison of the Primary Works in Western Costume
 HIRAI Noriko- No.18, p.3-11. 2011.

RESUME: This paper describes four main Bibliographies on the field of Western costume. One of them, Bibliography of costume by Hiler, is more useful and effective to search quick and easy for initial research when compared to the others. Therefore, the study inspected constructional features of the bibliography, and give examples of some of the descriptions.


The Records of Takashimaya Art Division
WATANABE Miki - No.18, p.12-26. 2011.

RESUME: It is known that the relationship with art and department stores is quite unique in Japan.  However, we may not notice department stores promote the great variety of art events and many divisions get involved in.  This paper is to focus on art division, which runs art events individually.  As an example, it will represent the fundamental records of the art division at Takashimaya.  Consequently, these records will help further study on the role department stores have played through Japanese art history.


To utilize material of Japanese art materials preserved in Italy:
 challenges of dissemination of information and sharing of digital materials

SAITO Chise - No.18, p.27-42. 2011.
RESUME: The author of this paper describes digitizing Japanese art materials, specifically, the works of Japanese woodblocks prints that were preserved in Italy, in collaboration with different Italian local Museums. However, the state of the Japanese art materials is not yet available. This paper treats the interim report of hearing investigation that was conducted from August to September 2010. And then It shows the new type of organization that unite various local museum to provide information as an example to resolve how disseminate the information of Japanese art materials.

Issues on Archives in Museums

TSUTSUI Yayoi- No.18, p.43-56. 2011.

RESUME: In Japan, the meaning of Archives would vary, and it is referred especially in the context of digitization. Here the definitions of archives and museum archives are designated and also their minimal requirements are reviewed. Under discussion on the importance of in-house archives, several examples are shown from the United States and the United Kingdom. Studying of the issues on archives in museums of Japan, collaboration of museums, libraries, and, archives will be quested. Moreover, the impact of the new law, the Public Records and Archives Management Act, to Japanese National Museums and Institutions is discussed.


A Case of Digital Exhibition in Local Museum and Library with KuKuRI System
UEDA Hiromi、HORII Misato、YONEDA Minoru and HORII Hiroshi No.18, p.57-66. 2011.

RESUME: Various ICT systems for exhibition have been introduced into museums and libraries. However, especially in a small or middle scale museum and library, there are some problems about talents for ICT management and cost of introduction and updates. They are serious and main factors to disturb the spread of ICT system for museums.  
In this paper, we propose ICT exhibition system for museum “KuKuRI” which was developed on SCOPE project by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; describe results of experiments in local museums and libraries. We discuss about validity of ICT systems based on actual exhibition examples.


List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2010
Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (KAZU Chikako,HIRAI Noriko,  YAMAZAKi Miwa, TAKAHASHI Haruko) - No.18, p.67-74. 2011.