The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No. 21 (Mar. 2014)




Digital cultural heritage: a method to clarify the characteristics of family photographs
TOGIYA Norio, KAWASHIMA Takanori - No.21, p.3-21. 2014.

RESUME: The family photograph has become an area of focus in academic research. As such, the frequency and purposes for which the daily activities of a family are photographed differ for each generation. Photographic material should be verified as rigid evidence to clarify family conditions and relationships for two reasons: it is difficult to identify figures, and the number of remaining photographs differs for each generation. In this research, we proposed a method by which to quantify and visualize the relationship between family members, and verified validity of material as positive evidence thereof. Using this method, we suggested a method to clarify relationships between community members.


The feature of Japanese woodblock prints and the Digital Archive project in the Oriental Art Museum, Venice
AKAMA Ryo, SAITO Chise - No.21, p.22-35. 2014.

RESUME: The Oriental Art Museum in Venice, Ca' Foscari University of Venice and Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan have been running a research project on the digitization and cataloging for the Ukiyo-e and old books in the museum under the contract of collaborative research. We have finished digitization and basic catalog for Ukiyo-e in Japanese, and carrying ahead the cataloging in Italian. In this project, we use the international ARC model, which has got the reputation as one of efficient technique to make digitization fast. By the model, we have got a good educational effect. We will report how the model worked well and the feature of the ukiyo-e collection becoming apparent.


Book review Paul von Naredi-Rainer (ed.)/ Johann Konrad Eberlein and Götz Pochat (co-op.). Hauptwerke der Kunstgeschichtsschreibung. Stuttgart, 2010.
CHIHAYA Toshio - No.21, p.36-47. 2014.

RESUME: The editor of Hauptwerke der Kunstgeschichtsschreibung, Paul von Naredi-Rainer and the cooperators, Johann Konrad Eberlein and Götz Pochat picked up 166 writings of art history from Lorenzo Ghiberti in the 15th century to Hans Belting in the 21st century, and discussed the contents of them. The editor and the cooperators attempted to talk about the history of art history as documentation of studies, instead of the history of methodology.


List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2013
Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (ADACHI Shou, KAMURA Tetsuro, TAKAHASHI Haruko, HIRAI Noriko, YAMAZAKI Miwa) - No.21, p.48-58. 2014.