The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No. 22 (Mar. 2015)


An Overview of the Katagami Digital Archive Project, Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University 
KAMO Mizuho - No.22, p. 3-14. 2015.
RESUME: The Art Research Center(ARC), Ritsumeikan University, has been conducting a digital archiving project of katagami, i.e., stencils for dyeing textiles, of several domestic and foreign institutions. Katagami stencils reflect the changes of design trends from the eighteenth through the twentieth century. However, they are difficult to organize in a database because of the large number and the insufficient documentation.
This essay first elucidates how the ARC has digital-archived katagami. Then, it reports on the sizable collection of Kyotech Co., Ltd. in Kyoto, its overview and characteristics, as a representative case of the project.

Organization and Creation of the Database “Conservation Records of Sculptures by Nihon Bijutsuin”: Considerations on the Status of Cultural Property Archives 
MIYAZAKI Motoko - No.22, p. 15-25. 2015.
RESUME: The Nara National Museum preserves an archive entitled Conservation Records of Sculptures by Nihon Bijutsuin, recording conservation carried out between 1899 and 1944 by the sculpture conservation studio Nihon Bijutsuin, established by Okakura Tenshin. This archival resource consists of about 400 files and about 7,000 glass photographic plates. In this study, the author explains its organization, digitalization, and database construction, and also considers the status of archives of cultural properties.

Made a List by Cut-and-Paste the List to Organize Archival Documents Damaged by Disaster: Return of Archival Documents of the Alumni Association of Miyagi Agricultural High School by Yamagata Cultural Heritage Disaster Prevention Network 
SATO Koto - No.22, p. 26-34. 2015.
RESUME: Archival documents of the Alumni Association of Miyagi Agricultural High School affected by the East Japan Great Earthquake were rescued by the hands of volunteers, carried to Yamagata, dried and cleaned. The author led the work to return the documents after the procedure in October 2013 as one of the volunteers. A method for multiple workers to visually and intuitively understand information in the documents was contrived and implemented at this time. It is reported in this paper, as it is determined that this method is effective to organize museum materials at the time of emergency.

List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2014
Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (ADACHI Shou, KAMURA Tetsuro, TAKAHASHI Haruko, HIRAI Noriko, YAMAZAKI Miwa) - No.22, p. 35-53. 2015.