The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No.27/28, May 2020


Compilation of the Matsukata Collection Catalogue Raisonne and Documentation of Works of Art KAWAGUCHI Masako - No.27/28, p.3-17, 2020
RESUME: This article highlights the role of archival materials and documentation of works of art, focusing on the recent compilation of two volumes of The Matsukata Collection: Complete Catalogue of the European Art by the National Museum of Western Art (NMWA), Tokyo. We became involved in creating a new catalogue, since the NMWA was established as the institution to house and manage works from Kojiro Matsukata’s art collection, which is the French government transferred to the Japanese government after World War II. In recent years interest in art archives has increased here in Japan and I would like to describe how we used these archival materials. In addition to that, I have also considered the documentation of artworks found in auction and exhibition catalogues and its important role in the production of the catalogue raisonn?. For the compilation process, we used the artwork management system Artize MA developed by Nissha Printing Communications, Inc., combined with an automatic typesetting system.

A Round Table Talk: Past, Present and Future of Art Documentation: Seeking Out the Next Generation Talent of JADS AKAMA Ryo, HATANO Hiroyuki, HONMA Yu - No.27/28, p.18-33, 2020
RESUME: This paper is a record of the round table talk held on the 12th Autumn Meeting of Japan Art Documentation Society (JADS): JADS 30th Anniversary Events (November 17th 2019). The talks brought the first secretary-general / the first chairman Hiroyuki Hatano, who was involved in establishing JADS. The speakers discussed on the history of JADS, the necessity of Art Documentation, and the target scope of Art lively.

Digital authorities on arts and crafts as treasure (1): As of May 2020 FUKUDA Hiroatsu- No.27/28, p.34-48, 2020
RESUME: As of May 31, 2020, the Agency for Cultural Affairs has 10,772 “Arts and Crafts” in the “Number of Cultural Properties Designated”. Digital authorities related to these are increasing year by year. I have tried to explain and analyze the current state of digital authority in order to systematize works, names, schools, and terms related to Japanese art. In this article, I will focus on “Arts and Crafts” that have been handed down as treasures, and consider the assignment of subjects.

A Report on the 25th ICOM (International Council of Museums) General Conference 2019 in Kyoto, Japan: With Emphasis on the 2019 Annual Meeting of ICOM CIDOC (International Committee for Documentation) KOGA Takashi - No.27/28, p.49-61, 2020
RESUME: This is a report on the 25th ICOM (International Council of Museums) General Conference 2019 (ICOM 2019) in Kyoto, Japan. The main topics of this report are on the 2019 Annual Meeting of ICOM CIDOC (International Committee for Documentation), held as a part of ICOM 2019, which include the author’s own invited keynote lecture on the overview of museum documentation in Japan. This report also discusses the issues of conference management of ICOM, compared with those of IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) and ICA (International Council on Archives).

Development of Web API for “Image Database of Japanese Clothing Culture in the Modern Age” MARUKAWA Yuzo - No.27/28, p.62-74, 2020
RESUME: This article detailed the original Web API’s specification for “Image Database of Japanese Clothing Culture in the Modern Age”. This Web API was developed to makes it possible to build the public website and the management database system independently. The author verified the application status of the Web API and clarified the problems in its design and operation.

Activities by the Society of American Archivists Museum Archives Section TSUTSUI Yayoi - No.27/28, p.75-85, 2020
RESUME: This small paper introduces the history and activities of the Society of American Archivists Museum Archives Section. Focusing on the museum archives holdings, the development of the guideline and manuals for the museum archivists are described. The paper sheds right on the standards and best practices working group and its efforts which advocate the museum archives. Recent issues on Museum Archives are discussed.

Notes on the Maintenance and Inheritance of Cultural Property Information : Necessary Support for Cultural Property Owners KEZUKA Mari - No.27/28, p.86-98, 2020
RESUME: I considered the desirable way: keeping records about cultural property information, opening information securely, and inheriting information to successors by the cultural property owners such as the religious corporations, companies, groups and persons. Cultural property owners are beginners or amateurs with respect to documentation activities and records keeping. Therefore I suggested issues and support, such as the owner's unique role and what the Agency for Cultural Affairs, related departments and academic organizations should address.

List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2019 Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (KAMURA Tetsuro, KUBO Makoto, YAMAZAKI Miwa) - No.27/28, p.98-111, 2020

Activity Report FY2019 of Japan Art Documentation Society - No.27・28, p.112-117, 2020

On the Occasion of Publication of the Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society the Editorial Board of The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society - vol.27/28, p.124, 2020