The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No.29, May 2021


Okinawa Ritual Archives with a Focus on Photographic Media: Case Study on the Archival Materials of Photographer Yasuo Higa TAKASHINA Maki - No.29, p.3-16, 2021
RESUME: Yasuo Higa (1938-2000) is one of the quintessential Okinawan photographers of the post-war era. Originally a policeman, he changed career to become a photographer, recording the lively figures of an Okinawan society transformed by war and a reinvigorated Japan. After witnessing the Uyagan in Miyako Island in 1974, he poured his efforts into capturing the world of ritual and left behind him an expansive volume of photographs and records. The authors began a document-based survey in 2018. The objects of this survey were all the records such as pictures, interview notes, voice recordings and other materials that were born out of his activities as a photographer. In this paper, after discussing the practical steps involved in the survey and examining Higa's photography-related initiatives, we will analyze the methods used by the man himself in creating records and organizing photographs. In addition, we will look at the issues surrounding the processing of rights when utilizing data and consider how this data can be published.

A Study on the Significance of Shogakukan's Grade-specific Educational Magazines for Game Researches: Focusing to the Nature of the Magazines MOHRI Hitomi - No.29, p.17-33, 2021
RESUME: In order to analyze the role of Shogakukan's grade-specific educational magazines for game researches, this paper analyzed the editorial policies, interview articles with editors, and articles about video games. The nature and directivity of education in the magazine had changed and it transformed a unique place to accumulate know-how for editing entertainment articles and to build a magazine editing system specialized for children. Articles of the magazine about electronic and video games were featured before major game magazines were launched. In provisional conclusion, the significance and role of this magazines in game researches would be considered to have three aspects: children, adults (home / school), industry and business.

A Report on the SAA (Society of American Archivists) 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting (ARCHIVES * RECORDS 2020) As a Memorandum of an International Conference Under COVID-19 KOGA Takashi - No.29, p.35-47, 2021
RESUME: This is a report on ARCHIVES * RECORDS 2020: Virtual Joint Annual Meeting of the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) and the Society of American Archivists (SAA), held during the strict restrictions of COVID-19, written by a participant from Japan. This report puts emphasis on: (1) art/artists and archives, (2) digital preservation, (3) archives/archivists and Black Lives Matter movement. It also discusses merits and demerits of this meeting as a virtual international conference, as well as the future of international conferences related to libraries, archives, museums and cultural fields with/after COVID-19.

Report on the 2020 Annual Conference of Japan Art Documentation Society KANEKO Takaaki (Overview), IIZAWA Atsushi (Symposium), NAKAGAWA Hiromi (Presentation Session) - No.29, p.48-54, 2021

Report on the 13th Autumn Meeting of Japan Art Documentation Society MATSUNAGA Shinobu (Overview), MISHIMA Taiki (Special Event), YAMAZAKI Miwa (Presentation Session) - No.29, p.55-60, 2021

List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2020 Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (KAMURA Tetsuro, KUBO Makoto, YAMAZAKI Miwa) - No.29, p.61-74, 2021

Activity Report FY2020 of Japan Art Documentation Society - No.29, p.75-80, 2021

ERRATA (vol.27/28) - No.29, p.87, 2021