The Bulletin of Japan Art Documentation Society No.30, May 2022


Extraction of Categories of Museum Collections with the Use of Social Media and Their Properties MISHIMA Taiki - No.30, p.3-17, 2022
RESUME: There are many museum collections databases on the web. In addition to conventional collection information, user-oriented collection categories can enhance the findability of collections that users are looking for and museums want to publish. This paper examined the extraction of collections categories suitable for cultural heritage domain with the use of social media, Twitter, on the case of online collections of the Museum of the Imperial Collections, Sannomaru Shozokan. This study found that the extracted categories are affected by tweets about museum exhibitions and expand conventional collection information with the axes of subdivision and facet.

Moving Images Analysis for Material Indexing and Its Possibilities HUZIOKA Hirosi - No.30, p.19-42, 2022
RESUME: Moving images recorded as academic materials, especially analog film images, have very few opportunities to be actively used for academic research even after they are digitized.
In this paper, the "unedited nature" of recorded moving images is actively evaluated, and a content-based indexing process is presented. The granularity of the analysis is reexamined, and the information obtained from the moving images is efficiently compiled into a database. In the process, the possibility that this analysis can contribute to the reorganization of photographic materials that should have been used to verify the information is found.

"The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka Open Data" Website: The Significance and Prospects of Open Data for Digital Images KOBAYASHI Hitoshi - No.30, p.43-48, 2022
RESUME: The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka Open Data website, released on March 26, 2021, provides free and unrestricted use of the high-definition and high-resolution images of the 23 works from the museum's collection, including all works designated as National Treasure or Important Cultural Property. This multilingual website features high-quality images and the sustainable operation system, which links the website with the existing museum collection management system and cloud storage, reducing the running costs. Meeting the standard of opening data implemented in museums overseas, the website serves as a model for open data websites of public museums in Japan.

Organizing Archaeological Site Reports in a University Library and the Use of Comprehensive Database of Archaeological Site Reports in Japan: A Case Study of Organizing Materials Donated by a Private Museum MATSUZAKI Hiroko, KUROSE Tomoko - No.30, p.49-59, 2022
RESUME: The Shujitsu University Library is in the process of organizing the materials donated by the Kurashiki Archaeological Museum. In order to search for archaeological site reports, which make up the majority of the donated materials, we have found the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties's database Comprehensive Database of Archaeological Site Reports in Japan useful, as well as the National Diet Library Japan's database NDL ONLINE and the National Institute of Informatics's database CiNii Books. We will report on the background, situation, and future issues from a different perspective than the local governments, institutions that publish archaeological site reports.

(Book review) The New Art Museum Library´╝łNelson, Amelia and Traci E. Timmons, eds. Lanham, Rowman & Littlefield, 2021´╝ë KOGA Takashi - No.30, p.61-67, 2022

Report on the 2021 Annual Conference of Japan Art Documentation Society AKAMA Ryo (Overview), SASAKURA Irumi (Symposium), SAITO Ayumu (Presentation Session) - No.30, p.69-78, 2022

Report on the 14th Autumn Meeting (2021) of Japan Art Documentation Society MATSUNAGA Shinobu (Overview), OOE Akiyo (Presentation Session), AKO Takayuki (Exploratory Research Presentation Session (Part 1) ), KABURAKI Azusa (Exploratory Research Presentation Session (Part 2) ) - No.30, p.79-88, 2022

List of Articles on Art Documentation in Japan 2021 Comp. by JADS Clearinghouse (KUBO Makoto, NISHIZAWA Ai, YAMAZAKI Miwa, KAMURA Tetsuro) - No.30, p.89-102, 2022

Activity Report FY2021 of Japan Art Documentation Society - No.30, p.103-109, 2022